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We are researchers and searchers certified by the respected Italian citizenship consultant, Fábio Barbiero of My Saga Blog.

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Nostra Busca is certified in the Professional Training Course in Search of Documents



Originally from the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Italo-Brazilian with Tuscan descent, Production Engineer graduated from PUCRS (Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul) and creator of Nostra Busca – Search and Search for Italian Certificates. Like many descendants, she struggled a lot to obtain the recognition of the so much dreamed Italian citizenship and after that she dedicated herself full time in the research and search of Italian documents with the objective of helping to realize the dream of Brazilians interested in recognizing their citizenship.


Also from the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Dentist from UFPEL (Federal University of Pelotas / RS) and co-creator of Nostra Busca – Search and Search for Italian Certificates. She is naturalized Italian by marriage, assists in the process of research and search of documents and is responsible for sending and monitoring the services rendered to our clients. It is also committed to feedback, with the objective of continuous improvement of our services.


We know of all the difficulties in starting the citizenship process and, therefore, we resolve to improve on the subject and work with the search and search for certificates here in Italy. We hope to be able to bring our customers the same happiness that we had when receiving the documentation of our Bisnonno.

It was our first step towards realizing the dream of living in Europe. Our work moves people’s dreams, so we work ethically and transparently, doing everything possible and necessary, within the legislation, to meet the expectations and needs of our clients.

We know that our work is the first step towards the recognition of Italian citizenship, so we put a lot of energy and dedication to make our clients realize the dream of European citizenship.

“Bisnonno Iacopo Raffaele Grilli”


We proceed in a clear, practical and objective way in the search and search of documents (certificates) of Italian citizens for the processes of recognition of Italian citizenship. After confirming the Comune (city) where the document of his antenato is located, we will go there to carry out all the procedures to obtain the certificate.

After picking up, we ship the original document through the most well-known and well-known global document logistics companies (UPS, DHL, FedEx, etc.).

Our work only ends when you receive the document sent by us, guaranteeing your satisfaction with our service and assuring you that the main step towards your dream of Italian citizenship has been given.

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