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We know of all the difficulties in starting the citizenship process and, therefore, we resolve to improve on the subject and work with the search and search for certificates here in Italy. We hope to be able to bring our customers the same happiness that we had when receiving the documentation of our Bisnonno.

It was our first step towards realizing the dream of living in Europe. Our work moves people’s dreams, so we work ethically and transparently, doing everything possible and necessary, within the legislation, to meet the expectations and needs of our clients.

We know that our work is the first step towards the recognition of Italian citizenship, so we put a lot of energy and dedication to make our clients realize the dream of European citizenship.

“Bisnonno Iacopo Raffaele Grilli”

Italian citizenship Who has the right?

Great grandfather
in Italy
in Brazil
Born after
You have the right

Great grandfather
in Italy
in Brazil
Born before
Not entitled
Certifications Your first step towards recognition of Italian citizenship

Civil Certificates

Birth certificate
“Estratto per Riassunto dell’Atto di Nascita”
The Estratto per Riassunto dell’Atto di Nascita informs the essential data obtained with the birth certificate and may include marginal records: name of the spouse, date and place of marriage, place of residence, etc.
Wedding certificate
“Estratto per Riassunto dell’Atto di Matrimonio”
The Estratto per Riassunto dell’Atto di Matrimonio attests the wedding event and specifies the related information: date, place, place of birth. It may also contain additional notes: residence, citizenship, adopted status (communion / separation of assets), and divorce.

Religious Certificates

Baptism Certificate
“Certificato di Battesimo”
The Certificato di Battesimo contains and certifies the information transcribed in the religious records on baptism. It attests to the church’s record and specifies the relative information (name,
surname, date and place of birth, date and name of the church, registration number).
Wedding certificate
“Atto di Matrimonio”
The Atto di Matrimonio contains and certifies information transcribed in religious records about marriage. He attests to the record church and specifies the relative information (name of the bride and groom, surname, date and place of marriage, church name,
from register).
Depositions Unique histories and speciais that we tivemos or prazer de fazer parte

The greatest pride for a professional is the recognition of a job well done by the contractor. This consideration is a stimulus, which at the same time generates reliability in this market so marked by professionals who do not act seriously. Our testimony session seeks to accurately bring the history of clients who have already obtained the fruit of our services.

Faq Common questions
What services are offered and what are the certificates that I can request?

We offer research services and search for certifications of Nascimento, Batismo e Casamento in all of Itália, as well as how we do or serve as apostilamento of certifications for non-Brazil use (Apostille dell’Aja).

What forms of delivery are available for the application for certificates?

All of our shipments are through one of these logistics companies: DHL, UPS or FedEx. Cost of shipping already included in the value.

What are the delivery times?

The deadline for searching, searching and sending your Certificate depends on the type of certificate requested and also the region of Italy that will be issued. Usually the average term is 30 to 45 business days. We will inform the applicant by the registered means of communication (telephone, e-mail), if the deadline exceeds the pre-established business days.

For applications for a birth certificate, baptism or marriage, if you do not have the indication of the Comune, Provincia, date of birth or marriage, do Nostra Busca perform searches?

Yes, fill out our forms that are requested with the information you have that we will try to do a pre-search to try to find out the other information.

If Nostra Busca does not find the certificate, will I get my money back?

The first payment (50%), refers to the operational costs of document search. Therefore, in case we do not find the requested document in the Comune informed, Nostra Busca will not refund the amount paid referring to the first payment.

How to place an order?

Requests are made through our forms. It is very simple and easy, just select the type of certificate you want and follow step-by-step until the order is finalized.

Can I pay the bank bill after the due date?

No. By the due date, you can pay at any bank or lottery, but if your ticket is due, just contact us by email that we will send a new ticket.

Can I fill out the required data only?

Yes, but there is other information that can be filled at the time of ordering that are as important as the mandatory ones, as they make the progress more agile and thus the delivery will probably be made before the established deadline.

How and how long is the payment confirmed?

The bank slip has up to two business days for clearing.

Do they deliver certificates abroad?

Yes. We ship to any country and the shipping cost is already included in the value.

Does the Italian Communi's certificate have a standard like in Brazil?

No, the birth certificates and / or marriage certificates provided by the Comuni Italianos do not have a standard and are issued with the stamp of the Comune and with the official signature and stamp.
The baptismal and marriage certificates issued by the Parishes and containing the signature of the priest with a signature recognized by the Curia.

What is the function and how does it help me to know the tracking code?

The tracking code is a 13-digit sequence (ex .: XX111111111BR) that is generated at the time of posting and that you can track through the company’s website (UPS, DHL or Fedex) through your website.

Are the marriage and / or birth certificates (Comuni e Parrocchie) offered by Nostra Busca adequate to apply for Italian citizenship?

Yes, 90% of our clients use our services to obtain the supporting documentation to enter with Italian Citizenship application or document rectification. The types of certificates requested by our clients for the application of Italian citizenship, either through a consulate in Brazil or directly in the Italian Comunities, are:

For the Italian Prefectures (Comuni):
Birth Certificate: “Estratto per Riassunto dell’Atto di Nascita”
Marriage Certificate: “Estratto per Riassunto dell’Atto di Matrimonio”

By the Parishes (Parrocchie):
Baptism Certificate: “Certificato di Battesimo”
Marriage Certificate: “Atto di Matrimonio”

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